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Specialized Wine Cooling Units By MGT Mechanical Ltd

Author: Liana Montagnese | | Categories: Wine Cellar Cooling Unit , Wine Cellar Design , Wine Cellar Services


Keeping your wine at its peak requires specific criteria to be met. First of all, wine needs to be held at the correct temperature, stored horizontally, protected from light and vibration, humidity controlled, in a specialized wine cooling unit or wine fridge, not a regular fridge.

For wine, temperature fluctuation is the real enemy. The ideal wine storage temperature is between fifty-two and fifty-eight degrees. Regulating wine cellar temperature control to prevent fluctuations is actually more important than the exact temperature setting.

Most wine lovers dream of building a beautiful wine cellar in their homes for this purpose. Additionally, a well-constructed wine cellar can be incredibly useful, add tremendous value to a property and become a focal point for social gatherings.

At MGT Mechanical Ltd, we serve our clients and wine enthusiasts and protect their investment with our highly specialized wine cooling units manufactured specifically to control temperature and humidity. With our equipment, you can store your wine for years to come.

We stock wine cooling units from industry leaders such as Cellar Cool, Cellar Pro, and Wine Guardian, and all our climate-controlled units come with a one-year warranty on parts and labor. You get a personalized wine cellar consultation when you choose us and our equipment. Our professional technician will walk you through the process. If required, we offer turn-key wine cooling solutions. So you can entrust the entire project to us.

Regarding pricing for our specialized wine cooling units, they tend to vary widely based on several factors. Size of room and capacity of equipment are major factors. Similarly, if you want to have all the advantages of a wine cellar but don’t want to dedicate an entire room, we also have free-standing wine coolers that totally do the trick.

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