• Wine Cellars
  • Wine Cellars
  • Wine Cellars

Most wine lovers dream of building a beautiful wine cellar in their homes to better store their growing wine collection. A well constructed wine cellar can be incredibly useful, add great value to a property and become a focus point for social gatherings.

Custom made wine cellars are designed and built to meet each client’s individual tastes, and MGT has solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. A custom-built wine cellar is truly the pride and joy of the wine sophisticate.

MGT Mechanical Ltd. is able to provide on site consultation, design & construction services in Ontario. Contact MGT to speak to one of our knowledgeable wine storage specialists about our wine cellar construction services.


Our services include:

  • We offer Customized Decorative Glass Thermo Partitions & Doors
  • Custom racking
  • Custom Woodwork
  • Wine Cellars

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